Premium Quality
Changan manufacturing DNA has been integrated into trendy design to produce the stylish S50.
  • 16"two tone aluminum alloy wheel hubs
  • 1:3 ratio body design
Sizeable MPV
S50 is 4600 mm long, 1770 mm wide, and 1855 mm high. Its 2850 mm wheelbase is longer than that of its peers.
LED Daytime Running Lights
S50's headlamps have super visual impact, are bigger than those of its peers, and have integrated daytime running lights.
This spacious 7-seater exceeds limits and transcends constraints.
Large, Dual-mode Sunroof
The sunroof delivers improved lighting and ventilation.
Flexible Seat Design for 5-8 Persons
Adjustable 3-row seating layout can be adapted to your particular needs. Seven seat configuration options include 2+2+3 and 2+3+2. Elegant, comfortable second row have independent armrests.
360° View
    Compelling Power
    S50's capable engine will move you anywhere, at anytime.
    Efficient Propulsion
    S50's 1.5L turbocharged engine delivers 102 kW of power and 210 Nm of torque for a smooth, environmentally friendly, cost effective, and durable driving experience.
    5-Speed and 6-Speed Manual Transmissions
    Encased in a multi-section aluminum alloy shell, S50's manual transmission options are lightweight, compact, and responsive. Quick heat dissapation and short gear shifts provide a smooth drive.
    Style that causes your heart to race. Comfort that lets you enjoy the ride.
    In Call System with 10" Toch Screen
    In Call includes basic entertainment features such as radio, video, USB, and navigation. S50 also provides mapping to synchronize user's smart phone for additional functions.
    Rear View Camera
    3-way camera sytem broadaens view of area behind vehicle. Original navigation system provides enhanced reliability.
    Length*Width*Height 4600mm*1770mm*1855mm
    Wheelbase 2850mm
    Engine 1.5L turbocharged
    Maximum output 102kW
    Maximum torque 210Nm
    Tires 195/65 R15、205/60 R16
    Fuel tank capacity 50 litres