Brightly Colored EV
New Benni EV's beautiful exterior reflects the colors of life. Its unique design makes each outing a pleasant celebration.
Azure Grille
Classic azure upper winged grille with unique EV logo shows sporty style. Fog lamps are nicely integrated into front fascia to express a fashionable appearance.
Expressive Design
Snappy appearance featuring bold lines and eco-friendly blue color coating on front fascia.
Wheels Stand Out with Eco-friendly Blue Finish
Outfitted with exclusive15-inch 5 spoke aluminum performance wheels accented with blue color coating.
Heated Power Mirrors
Heated power mirrors help you to track your surroundings by keeping your mirrors clear of snow and ice build-up.
Comfortable, Easy Driving
  • Integral panoramic sunroof
  • Combination instrument
  • Dynamic seat
  • Quiet, smooth ride
  • Flexible storage space
  • Flexible, multifunctional steering wheel
  • Convenient power windows
Clean New Energy
The New Benni EV releases no tailpipe emissions. Also, the electric motor is incredibly smooth and quiet in comparison to internal combustion engines.
Dual Mode Charging with Intelligent Selection
New Benni EV's battery can be recharged via either alternating (AC) or direct (DVC) current. Upon connection of charging device, the system selects the appropriate charging mode. It then monitors the vehicle's status and protects it during the charging process.
Maximum speed
Fast charge time
Endurance mileage

Changan EV batteries' proven track record of safety and reliability spans three generations of performance, efficiency, and endurance.

Long-lasting Endurance Mileage
An innovative electric drive system optimizes the distribution of energy consumption. ECO gear can help the vehicle realize industry-leading 210 km endurance mileage in urban traffic conditions.
Environmental Protection and Energy Recovery
New Benni EV has an energy-saving driving mode that optimizes power utilization as well as energy conservation and recycling. This system improves effiency and extends eco-friendly range.
Intelligent, Inventive Interconnection
Intelligent, Funny and Creative Interconnection
New Benni EV with intelligent interconnection can help you enjoy the connected life whenever and wherever possible. Experience driving assistance through intelligent, cool technology.
Mobile Intelligent Interconnected System Screen
A 7-inch LCD touchscreen displays real-time vehicle information. The system provides intelligent navigation using 4D map data and is equipped with WiFi.
6.1-inch TFT Display Screen
A 6.1-inch TFT display screen clearly presents accurate vehicle information by combining a pointer with a digital display. Indicator lights located on both sides of display show current driving state.
Photoelectric Gear Shifter
The New Benni EV's new gear shift system employs stable, reliable photoelectric sensors and an intelligent chip. An exquisite chrome knob seated upon a sleek, black panel indicates the gear selection in ice blue.
Built with Quality and Ingenuity

New Benni EV is continuously evolving and improving to reach greater

  • Brake assist
  • Momentary power failure collision protection
  • High-strength steel energy-absorption car body
  • Anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution and
    antilock brake system
  • Intelligent parking system
  • Brake assist
  • Momentary power failure collision protection
  • High-strength steel energy-absorption car body
  • Anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution and electronic stability control
  • Intelligent parking system
  • Changan's EV 5-star safety standard
New Benni EV
Length*Width*Height 3730mm*1650mm *1530mm
Wheelbase 2410 mm
Maximum power 55kW
Maximum torque 170Nm
Endurance mileage 210km
Battery capacity 23.2 kWh/27.5 kWh
Tires 175/60 R15