Simplicity is CS95's design aesthetic
We emphasized essential elements through succinct visual language. We then integrated simple design into extraordinary functions.
Wide-winged Grille
The wide-winged grille represents strength and comfort. Its matte texture with a bright strip are well matched.
Future-Eye Advanced C-shaped Headlamps
The original C-shaped light combines position lights, steering lamps, and daytime running lights.
Sculptural Waistline
The sculpted waistline wraps around the entire body, creating an extraordinary visual. The floating roof design affords the vehicle a sense of speed.
Two-tone Stylish Rims
The two-tone rim design highlights the dynamic outline. Additionally, Changan shows ingenuity by integrating its V logo in the details.
Simple Texture Interior Design
The refined instrument panel with silver highlights aligns with the exquisite man-machine function button. Broad central control matches high-grade multi-functional storage space. Leather seats feature elaborate stitching.
Adjustable Seating for Seven
A variety of seating combinations are offered to meet a diversity of customer needs. Second and third row seating is spacious and foldable.
Panoramic Sunroof
The sunroof is of ultra wide view, offering you a boundless vision.
Spacious Trunk
Roomy Interior with 38 Storage Areas
Storage spaces are conveniently situated in the instrument panel, center console, door panels, and integrated into seats.
Enjoyment · Comfortable Experience
For CS95, it's not a challenge to make every experience extraordinary. New driving pleasure is introduced to people with experience and attitude.
High Quality Japanese Stereo
CS95 is equipped with 10 speakers and a DSP power amplifier to deliver fresh, new audio experiences to every passenger.
Auto-induction Liftgate
Liftgate can be activated by simply making a kicking motion below the rear bumper. The user can set the back door opening height to be most advantageous for loading and unloading the vehicle. Additionally, the anti-pinch function enhances the liftgate's safe operation.
360° Noise, Vibration and Harshness Mitigation
Road noise-cancelling features, such as closed framework, suspension vibration isolation technology, and mute tires work together to help make CS95 as quiet as a rock.
Strong · Blue Core Engine
CS95 is equipped with the Blue Core 2.0L turbo GDI direct injection supercharged engine - which is the best in China. It's joined with the globally advanced Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission and the latest BorgWarner NexTrac intelligent all-wheel drive system.
Blue Core 2.0T GDI Direct Injection Supercharged Engine
The first 2.0L or above direct injection supercharged engine independently researched and developed in China.
Maximum power
171kW at 5000-5500 rpm
Maximum torque
360Nm at 1750 – 3500 rpm
Power per liter
Torque per liter
Aisin New Generation 6-speed Automatic Transission
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Comprehensive control functions
  • Efficient transmission performance
  • Fast shifting response
  • Advanced neutral gear function
  • Transmission oil is maintenance free in its lifetime
BorgWarner's latest NexTrac Intelligent All-wheel Drive System
All road conditions are handled by the globally advanced BorgWarner new generation NexTrac intelligent all-wheel drive electronic control system.
Smart · Intelligent and Safe
CS95 exhibits several intelligent functions, such as lane departure warning, passenger airbag warning assistance, and intelligent merging assistance, which provide a greater degree of safety.
Adaptive Cruise Control System
Changan's adaptive cruise control (ACC) system is buttressed by Bosch's latest generation middle distance radar, MRR EVO14, which detects the vehicle's ACC function. It also supports static activation, intelligent acceleration and deceleration, and safe car following.
Lane Departure Warning System
The latest Bosch MPC2Plus camera alerts the driver, should the vehicle drift from the lane. The system also switches between distance lights and passing lights during night driving. In addition, it detects speed limits and helps the driver avoid speeding. These features aid in accident prevention.
In-Call Intelligent Onboard Interconnection System
In-Call offers several online services, such as navigation, intelligent assistant Xiao An, entertainment, safety, and remote car-control.
Bosch's New Ninth-Generation Electronic Stability Program
CS95 is equipped with Bosch's latest Electronic Stability Program (ESP). In addition to being quick and accurate, it is compatible with several other functions, including anti-lock brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control, and hydraulic brake assist. While shortening brake length, ESP could keep the vehicle stable under challenging circumstances.
Equipped with Nine Airbags
In the event of a collision, side airbags and side air curtains absorb much of the energy of the crash, thereby reducing the impact to the driver.
Active High Beam
CS95 is equipped with active high beam to intelligently switch the distant light according to the ambient light and the lights of surrounding cars,to be safer during driving at night.
High Efficiency Energy Absorption Body Structure
CS95 has a strong, car-like passenger cabin that safeguards occupants to the greatest extent even in the occurence of high-speed collisions.
Length*Width*Height 4949mm * 1930mm * 1785mm
Engine Blue Core 2.0L turbo GDI engine
Wheelbase 2810mm
Maximum output 171 kW at 5000-55000 rpm
Maximum torque 360 Nm at 1750-3500 rpm
Tires 245/60 R18、245/55 R19
Wheels Two-tone aluminum alloy
Fuel tank capacity 64 litres